Sewing in a Tiny House

07 Jun

Sewing has been a challenge in the past because I’m a tiny house gal. Don and I live in a cute little bungalow that’s 580 square feet and has just 2 rooms (not counting the bathroom or closet). So my projects need to be portable and able to be put away because we’ll need the room to move around during the week!

In some ways, I really envy you girls (and guys!) out there with whole rooms (or buildings!) devoted to sewing… for me, though, I’m really committed to (and love!) the tiny house lifestyle, so I’ve got to make the most out of my tiny space.

Let me show you around my little space…

Here’s my kitchen table, which is a workhorse… we use it for so much!


Here it is serving as a sewing machine table…


And as a sewing planning table…


Here’s my sewing “closet”…


Where I store my fabric and tools…


The table folds out…


And behind it, is a toolbox with my scissors, notions, and thread, and a bucket for my patterns…


Here’s my little sewing machine: a Bernina 707 minimatic…


We got her at an estate sale with a traveling suitcase and a bunch of feet I still don’t know how to use…for $25! She’s the best! Her name is Hildegard, or Hilde for short…

And here’s my dressform… I haven’t used it much yet, but plan to! (you know, when I start being a responsible seamstress and actually FITTING my dresses before sewing them together!)


We are remodeling (slowly) our tiny house, so this is working for now… but my dream sewing area is an old armoire that I plan to retrofit to suit my purposes. I want it to have a pull out or drop down cutting surface, drawers or cubby holes to hold my tools, bundled & labeled stashes, and a row of spindle holders along to the top inside. I’d put a cork board and/or ribbon board on the inside of the doors to pin my patterns / directions /swatches to. Then every weekend, I’d just pull out my machine (it’s tiny) and get to work. When I’m done for the weekend, I could tuck it all away again and keep the kitties out of it 😉 I’m ready!

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