Librarian’s Corner: Books on Pattern Fitting

12 Jun

Sewing Book Review

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m learning to sew by the seat of my pants — well, actually, by the seams of my bodice. So I rely heavily on the resources shared by experts to help me master the basics of garment construction.

I don’t really have much interest in sewing pants — though I can see this changing once I’ve mastered some other techniques — but dresses and blouses fascinate me. This is mostly because I haven’t been able to fit into either properly since I was in elementary school (I developed young).

So fitting the bodice is going to be a huge part of my learning how to sew my own clothes.

Like a good little librarian, I’ve subscribed to tons of RSS feeds of sewing bloggers to learn more from each of them, and checked out tons of books from the library on pattern fitting. For this, though, I needed a little more guidance than the images I was seeing on blogs (like this one from Sew, Mama, Sew, which links to others at the bottom).

Since I don’t have a TV, that leaves me with books to teach myself how to fix my fitting dilemma.

Over the next few days, I’ll be reviewing the bodice-fitting methods in each of the books I have on hand. If you know of one that I missed that you’d like me to review, let me know and I’ll try and get my hands on it through Inter Library Loan.

I’ll be reviewing each of these books from the standpoint of novice — how well can I, as a baby seamstress, understand the fitting method described. I’ll also only be focusing on the bodice-fitting segments of these books. While I’m sure I have tons of other figure flaws that I’ll need to adjust my patterns for some day, it’s the overly-ample bosom that’s keeping my clothes from fitting, so that’s going to be the fit that I tackle first.

Here are the books I’ll be reviewing (arranged by publication date):

  1. Fast Fit by Sandra Betzina (2003)
  2. Pattern Fitting with Confidence by Nancy Zieman (2008)
  3. Fitting & Pattern Alteration by Elizabeth Liechty et al (2009)
  4. How to Use, Adapt, and Design Sewing Patterns by Lee Hollahan (2010)

I have several other books in my collection that I’d love to share with you all, someday, but I’ll bring them in as I’m able to start using them and incorporating their lessons into my own sewing (one of my favorites to browse through is Making Your Own Patterns by Adele Margolis (1985)– all the design details and options are just incredible!).

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