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Final haul from the CWGS

My favorite reason to go to the city wide garage sale is the fabric tables.

These are dealers who sell fabric — all sorts — by the pound. It might be dresses, or quilts, or kitchen towels, or hankies, or vintage clothing… you never know what you’ll find.

But my favorite table has to be the scarves. I like to wear them in my hair, mostly. They’re all $2 a piece, and here’s my goodies from last weekend:

Blue and pink sheer loveliness:


A stately paisley:


Blue upon blue polka dots:

Royal blue with white flowers:


Army green with green prints:


Black with white polka dots and a solid border:


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Other goodies from the CWGS

Here’s find number two from the City Wide Garage Sale.

I’ve never bought or worked with a vintage pattern before, but I have really wanted to take the plunge. All the ones I find on Etsy, though, are way too expensive for me to experiment with, especially considering all the modifications I’ll have to make because — really? — girls just didn’t come in my size back then (or so it seems!).

But these? These were $1 each. How could I resist?

These are so Audrey Hepburn I could just scream. Of course, I’m not build like Lady A, but I still think they might work on me…

I’m kind of a sucker for the bodice detailing here… and I love stripes, even though I don’t own anything striped!

The pants are just silly, and I don’t know that the top will work, logistically, with my tummy, but isn’t it adorable?

Best $3 I’ve ever spent at the CWGS!

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City Wide Garage Sale

I’ve been too busy sewing and stashing to blog! And there’s still the little matter of the summer rush at work, too.

Last weekend, I visited the City Wide Garage Sale. Which is a really misleading name. It’s more like the city wide dealers-who-think-their-stuff-is-worth-more-than-it-is type sale, but sometimes, you can find great stuff.

This go round, I found a woman who was de-stashing from a lifetime of fabric collecting. She’d overpriced everything, but hadn’t had luck selling it, so she said half off every tag. Which meant I got all of this for $80 (and before anyone asks, I’m wearing a tank top in these photos…photography can be so tricksy sometimes!

4 yards of red silk duponi… perhaps a sheath dress….

2 yards of military green wool for a military skirt…

3 1/2 yards of a red shirtweight silk and 2 yards of white with red polka dots cotton for two Colette Sorbetto tanks, styled differently!

And 3 yards of a flowered blue silk with white stripes, which is totally not my style, and I have no idea what to do with, but I loved it too much at $12 to pass it up:

I got a few other goodies, too, which I’ll share tomorrow!

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Laundering Linens 2

Wow, I got my answer pretty quickly! Check out these edges…


Good thing I took SR’s advice, huh?

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Laundering Linens


I’ve got to work this Saturday so I’ve got Friday off, and there’s nothing like an empty house to make this girl feel domestic!

I’ve got my burgundy linen in the wash right this second. As the lovely proprietrix of Silk Road recommended, I staystitched the edges before washing.

This got me thinking… Since I’m in a very hot and dry part of the country, we don’t use a drier but instead hang our laundry outside to dry. I always wondered if fraying would be as much of a problem since we don’t use a mechanical dryer? I also started wondering how line drying would affect a fabric… In particular, how worried should I be about distortion and what should I do about it? Should I clip it from the selvedge to minimize it? I’ve no idea?

This deserves further research…

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40s movies

I adore old movies… pretty much any excuse to watch an old film is a good one. One of my favorite reasons to watch is to see all the beautiful clothes they wear. The movie can be awful — dreadful! — but if they’ve got good clothes, then it’s worthwhile.

Take these screen caps from an old Esther Williams film… I don’t think she swam at all in this movie, so it was probably a flop ๐Ÿ˜‰ — I certainly don’t remember much about it, but I do remember loving every single damn outfit in the entire film. Here are a few of my favorites:









See what I mean?

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Blousing around

I am so inspired by all the amazing blouse creations out there, y’all…I just don’t know where to start! I love how a little structure really flatters a wide variety of figures. I was so pleased by my polka dot top… I had no idea how nice a structured top could be!

I’m a little overwhelmed at all the options out there. ย Here are a few blouses that I hope to make this year…

I am in love with this wine coloured blouse… I am on the hunt for a pattern to modify to replicate this piece.

From Vintage Vivant: Two fabrics + same pattern = vastly different looks

reVamp Vintage is such an amazing place… None of their blouses seem to come in my size though. No matter, I’m going to sort out how to make their clothes myself! Like this delicious blouse… ooh!

This darling little number was from Anthropologie, but is no longer available… and was never available in my size, anyway! I love the chevrons created by the stripes… I’m really looking forward to creating something with this method!

Isn’t this a stunning combo? I actually think my little sis would look much better in this than I would ๐Ÿ˜‰

Vintage 1930s Dress and Bolero in Chevron Nautical Theme

And what about Simplicity 1555, a vintage pattern for blouses from the Vintage Pattern wiki? Oh, I’d love to make one of these… I really wonder if I could pull off one of these looks with that freebie batik in white and green…

I’m really intrigued by how this pattern goes together… the yoke detail that turns into sleeves is so interesting!

Isn’t this the sweetest blouse from Jitterbuggin? I adore it!

Check out the amazing wrap detail on this 1930s blouse from the Vintage Fashion Library shop…

Now I need to clear off my little kitchen table (which is still strewn with assorted mail and whatnot from our trip) and get stitching!

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