Project in Progress: Burgundy Linen Outfit

01 Aug

So what have I been sewing, you might ask me? And I would tell you that I’m treading very, very carefully, because I’m sewing my burgundy linen up and that stuff was expensive!

But! I finished the skirt!

And I learned a new skill! I can now do French Seams!


Yes, I know that French Seams are mostly used on sheer fabrics. Ask me if I care. I do not.

I like it when my garments are pretty inside as well as out. So there.

And all that linen was super ravely y’all! I felt like I needed to trap it in some other fabric or the whole thing would unravel itself while I was wearing it!

Only one teensy little problem. You seamstresses know what it is.

Yes, I sewed a little *too* close to the turned in edge, causing it to peek out from the exterior seams. Ask me if I care. I do not!

I love love love this skirt. It is so much longer than anything else I own, and I’m so surprised that I like it so much. But good fabric makes a difference, y’all. This linen is like butter. It’s delicious to wear, to feel against bare legs, even when sitting for ages like I do at work.


And, because I disregarded the instructions (again) and did not put in elastic (nope nope nope!) but instead a ribbon tie for the waist, I can adjust the tightness and wear it higher up for one length, or lower down for an almost maxi length. Oh yes, I love this skirt.

The top… I’m nervous about it. I’ve cut it out and I actually HAND BASTED IT TOGETHER Y’ALL. Yes, that is how nervous I am about screwing it up. I actually did what I was supposed to do. And it looks okay. Yes, it does. But I’m still nervous. So maybe I’ll let it hang there, basted together, for another day or two and instead whip up a Colette Sorbetto, since that seems to be the thing all the girls are doing these days.

It’s hot, I’d love a sorbetto. Yes indeed.

I would also love a burgundy linen top with black trimmings.

But I think I’m going to be patient and take it slowly. And maybe try it on half a dozen more times until I’m absolutely POSITIVE I’m not screwing it up.

Because screwing up that linen would really be like murdering a kitten. It would be so so evil.

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Posted by on August 1, 2011 in creations, new skills, spot of bother


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