Sorbetto by Colette

03 Aug

So many bloggers are whipping up the charming (and charmingly free) Sorbetto pattern from Colette, that I just couldn’t resist. I dragged my printer out of the closet and printed this adorable little tank top (and the bloomers, too, because why not?).

I laid all the pieces out, and then taped them down after snipping away the excess.


As you can see, our house is more construction zone than office space, so I had to make due with painter’s tape. That’s okay, it worked great because it was re-positionable! Once I had it all laid out, though, I did cut strips of packing tape (seriously, we do not own scotch tape, I think there must be a law against it or something) and secure all the seams down very well.

Then I cut the whole thing out.


And then I took a deeeeeep breath.

Because I wasn’t going to sew this little top up as-is. No, I was going to do my very first Full Bust Adjustment (FBA). Which I was kind of afraid of doing. But what better pattern to try it out on than the world’s easiest tank top?

So here’s how I did it (using Nancy Z’s method, from a few weeks ago).


I rolled out some craft paper and traced around the whole pattern, both pieces.


Then, I took a pin, and put it in shoulder, where the two seam-allowances crossed eachother (I had to draw these in, and remember that the Sorbetto had a 1/4″ SA on the arm holes). I had already figured out that my bust measurement was 2″ more than the size 18 bust measurement, so when I divided that by 4 (4 cut edges) I got .5, so I made a small mark 1/2″ outside the bust-area seam at the very top. Then I pivoted the pattern over to meet that line (keeping the pin in place to act as the pivot), and re-drew the arm hole.  Then I did the same thing again, but this time down to the waistline to give me a little more ease in the waist and hip.


It’s funny how scared I was to do this — because it was really easy! It didn’t even mess up the original pattern piece, which is awesome.

I repeated this whole procedure on the back bodice piece, and then I was done!


Tune in next time when I figure out how to re-position the dart on the modified front!
Now, I just need to figure out which fabric I want to use… decisions, decisions….


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2 responses to “Sorbetto by Colette

  1. Jeri

    August 3, 2011 at 7:37 pm

    Waiting anxiously to see how you do this. I too am working with the Sorbetto and need to do a fba.

    • kathleen

      August 4, 2011 at 5:34 am

      I’m using Nancy Z’s pivot technique… It was really easy! I think I linked to a video of her doing one on her website, so you might check that out, too. I’ll try and get a post written up on this today or tomorrow.


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