Planning a Wardrobe

19 Aug

After seeing a post at the Coletterie about Sarai’s wardrobe, I was inspired to get organized with my own sewing projects.

So what do I actually *need* to be happy? Well, I feel like I’m not too far off right now. I’m a simple girl, and I like to have a trim wardrobe where everything plays nice with everything else.

Rather than try and photograph my dark closet, I prefer to sketch out what I’ve got… since I don’t own much, it’s pretty fast 🙂

Here are my current tops (colors approximate and limited by my colored pencil selections)


And my current bottoms….


For someone who really, really likes green and purple, I’ve currently got neither of either! That makes me very sad. But that’s great! Because it means that I know where to focus the efforts of my next projects.

I’ve got the supplies on the way for a Colette Sencha Keyhole blouse (purple silk charmeuse) and that Tracy Reese knit dress from Vogue (in a crazy black and white animal print with jade green outlines). I still want more green in there, but didn’t like ANY of the green fabric I found so that will just have to wait for now.

Here’s my planning sketches:


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Posted by on August 19, 2011 in inspiration, planning


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