Bernina repair

08 Oct

Last week, my little Bernina minimatic developed a tic… she started dropping stitches.


Her belts had been slipping for a while, and she struggled to get through rolled seam allowances, but I made allowances because, after all, she is 40 years old, and not as spry as she once was. I also had never taken her in for a tuneup after I bought her at an estate sale.

So we took her to Sew Much More, our local Bernina dealer* and they said they’d give her a tune up, and that it usually cost $80 and would take three weeks.

Three. Weeks. Without. A. Sewing. Machine.

I didn’t have *that* much handwork to keep me busy!

I would’ve freaked out, if Mister and I hadn’t had a conversation that prepared me for this long wait. More to come on that…

So now, we have a little green suitcase that sits empty, waiting for little Hilde to come home.

*Everytime I hear “dealer” I get tickled…we’re addicts, I tell you!

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