New (unnamed) Bernina

09 Oct

I hinted at this in my last post, but while we were at the Bernina Dealer, Mister and I decided to bite the bullet and buy our very first NEW sewing machine.

Over the years, we have had a plethora of sewing machines in our lives. I sadly don’t have photos of them all, but there were a lot!

Our first was a little Singer Featherweight on loan from Great Aunt by way of Grandmother. We loved that little machine, but eventually, Great Aunt wanted it back (and rightly so!), and we were forced to start looking for something we could call our own.

We trolled ebay for a while (this was nearly 8 years ago…goodness!) and just never got up the courage to enter into bidding on any of the featherweights there…they were all in the $250-350 range, which was too much for us college students.

The first thing we found was a little german sewing machine inside a cabinet. There were all sorts of interesting artifacts from the previous owner in little boxes — I think she might have even been German, because some of the notions (long lost, now) were in German. That machine had it’s little quirks, but it was a workhorse, and it’s what Mister first discovered sewing on.

Then we came across an old treadle style sewing machine tucked away in the back corner of one of the thrift stores we frequented. It had been reduced to something quite reasonable — $50 maybe? — so we pounced on it. Mister figured out how to get the strap hooked up again, and we had a treadle machine that worked! It was really beautiful — black with beautiful gold scarabs and Egyptian-inspired designs painted all over it. Not a singer, but definitely in the style of Singer. Don even made several pairs of pajamas using the treadle, after we let the little german machine go for lack of space, during a period when I thought I would never learn to make my own clothes.

Then we found an old bent-wood-cased Singer, and oh, she was a beaut. We had her a long time, because even though she wasn’t as light as a featherweight (let’s be honest, more like an anvil) she was beautiful and sewed beautifully.

We found Hilde, our 60s era bernina, at an estate sale here in town for about $50…what we typically pay for sewing machines I guess! I found her inside the UGLIEST little avocado green suitcase, which probably everyone else thought was just a suitcase, but I knew better 🙂

Now, we have a new member of our sewing machine family. She’s pretty much blown all the others out of the water in terms of strength, and she isn’t as hideous to look at as some modern machines… there’s a simple clean beauty to her lines, which I quite appreciate. And she’s a little easier on the back! I introduce…. the as-yet-unnamed-Bernina 330!


We rather enjoy calling our sewing machines by German names, now that we’re in the habit of it… any ideas for little 330?

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