A form-al affair

12 Oct

I revamped my dress form!


Sorry for the poor lighting in the photos… I’ll try and take some better ones this week.


I was planning on showing you how I put it together, but after looking at the photos, it’s a little *too* personal to show you 🙂 Basically, you take a dress form that’s near-ish your size… go for your smaller measurements, because you’re going to pad it out. Then, put an old bra on it, and stuff it with batting or scraps. For any tummy lumps you may have, lay fabric over that area to build it up, and then pin it in place. Cover the whole thing with an old tee shirt, and check your measurements. Adjust until it resembles you as much as possible.

If you’re desperate for some photo-guidance, you can go look at someone else’s underwear here or here! Sorry!

This was a surprisingly fun project. I still need to put the design lines on her but Jeannie is all done!

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Posted by on October 12, 2011 in creations


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