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New project: raspberry swing skirt


Just finished another project! This is New Look 6816. This one was a dead simple knit swing skirt made from a cotton rayon blend jersey that had a twill-like knit on the reverse. I accidentally melted it with my iron…thus discovering it wasn’t 100% cotton!

Allow me to gush for a moment about my new walking foot that Mr D got me for Christmas. It makes sewing knits dead simple! I used to struggle with puckered seams and the top fabric not following along with the bottom and this foot solved all that!

I made the skirt in 3 hours, pretty close to the patterns 2 hour estimate. (btw, the fabric really is raspberry, see?):


Total cost: 2yds jersey @ $10 yd, plus $1.50 for some inch wide elastic.
Make again? Absolutely! I’ve already got another fabric on the table ready to cut this week! It’s another crazy print, this time picked out by Mr D!




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New project: Silk charmeuse bias cut cowl top


I made a new silk top, using some beautiful silk charmeuse I got at Fabricker, and some awesome stretch mesh lining I bought at TexStyles.

I haven’t hemmed it yet, because it’s bias-cut, meaning I have to let it hang overnight. I’m not sure how long I’ll make it yet.. probably a little longer than hip length. In the photo above, I’ve cinched the waist with some scrap silk that I’m thinking of making an obi/cummerbund with… I haven’t decided yet whether I like that better than the elastic gathering I’m supposed to do on the sides. I’ll decide that later 🙂

This was a new skill set for me. A slithery silk mounted on a stable knit that supports the drapes in an awesome way, and serves as a lining, too. It’s kind of cool because you sew the silk to the mesh, then flip the whole thing inside out and you’ve got the 2 halves of the blouse ready to stitch together, and all the seams are already encased in the lining. Neat!

I did a really hideous job on the grading and full bust adjustment, but the bias cut is pretty forgiving, so you can’t really tell (or I’m telling myself that, anyway)! I’ll most likely wear this just as I am now… black skirt, maybe a black cardi on top. I really need to get a long string of jet beads, too. Yay, fun with sewing!

Fabric: White silk charmeuse with black flower silhouettes ($18 yd, 2.33 yds) . White stretch mesh ($6)
Time: Oh all the time in this top is in the redrafting of the pattern! That took a whole weekend! The sewing itself once the pieces were cut only took about 3 hours.
Make again? Oh definitely. Might even skip the lining and make it out of a knit next time. I’m a sucker for cowls.

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Sewing is delicious

I’ve been working hard on sewing (though not as hard on blogging!), and have really gotten into a groove where I feel like I kind of know what I’m doing. So exciting! I’ve done enough full bust adjustments (both kinds – the pivot method and the slash and spread method) and graded enough patterns that I’m feeling really comfortable with both techniques… though it is really time consuming to trace and re-trace every pattern before you use it! I’m a little impatient in that way. I’m still at a point where I’m using a new pattern every time I sew… I haven’t wanted to make any repeats! So this means the labor-intensive drafting/adjusting must happen before I get to dig into fabric.

But… I’ve really loved everything I’ve made so far! Right now I’m in the middle of my most challenging project to date… a cowl-neck, stretch-mesh lined, silk-charmeuse top..that’s bias cut! Oh man do I wish I had a bigger table and ironing board!!

Here are some terrible photos of my recent creations and fabric acquisitions:









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