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Outreach Librarian in Austin Texas, working with incarcerated youth, and other special populations.

New pattern goodness

Were you as excited as I was to hear that Colette was coming out with new patterns for fall (and a book too!)?

I just love how much care goes into the instructions and storage for the pieces…. each one is like a little work of art! With the big 5 constantly having sales where you can get their patterns for $2 or $4 a piece, I know it’s tough to plunk down money for an $18 pattern, but I think they are worth it, and I really want to support Sarai and the amazing work she does.

Here’s what we bought:







And I’ve already got fabric for many of these plus a few others. I need to stop shopping and start sewing 🙂


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You guys? Sewing with silk is actually coming pretty easily to me!


I don’t want to show pics yet, but I’m almost done with my Sencha blouse…

Promise I’ll update tomorrow!

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OMG I have just cut into the silk!

So far, I’ve only put in tailors tacks and cut it out with my rotary cutter…

What I’m really scared of is putting the bits together… Will they play well with feed dogs??

More coming soon!


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Finished project: simplicity top in linen

Remember that gorgeous red linen? Remember how I made a skirt lickity split with it? Ever wonder what happened to the top?


Wonder no more, because I’ve finally finished it!

I think I scared myself with how expensive the fabric was… I was worried I’d screw it up! I’d cut out the pattern and basted it together and tried it on several times and still couldn’t decide if i was happy with it.

This weekend, I decided that I *certainly* wasn’t happy with it hanging up, and would be much happier with it on me! So there it is.

Did I mention that the sleeves do something funny in stiffer fabrics? See that puffiness above the bust and near the arm? I don’t care at this point, but in the polka dot iteration of the shirt, those irritated me so much, that I put in some half-assed bust darts to make them go away. I decided not to on this one.

Incidentally, this was my last project to cut out using my bust measurement as a guide to pattern sizing. Whoever gave me that advice has caused hours of frustration! There are just a ridiculous number of fitting issues that I have to resolve when I start there. Much better to start with the shoulder measurement and do a full bust adjustment. Goodness!

What do you think? Yay or nay? I felt comfy and cute in it at the party I went to last night, so maybe I’m happy with it after all!

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I’ve updated my domain…

Now I’m at:

thanks for reading!



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Fashion for Plus Sizes

I want there to be a great book out there by that title… I want it to go into detail about dressing the plus size form in a way that is not just attractive, but stunning.

Yes, I said it.


I mean it, too!

Please take these away… I haven’t even read them and yet I’m bored to tears by the blah-blah-blandness on the cover. Please tell me that this is not “fashion” for plus sizes?

Girl, you should not look so happy about wearing a baggy white T and some frumpy jeans….

Oh, pink is sexy right? It doesn’t matter what font I use! And images? Who needs images? For a fashion book????

Do not even go there.


Now these? These are a little better… I may have to investigate these further…


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A form-al affair

I revamped my dress form!


Sorry for the poor lighting in the photos… I’ll try and take some better ones this week.


I was planning on showing you how I put it together, but after looking at the photos, it’s a little *too* personal to show you 🙂 Basically, you take a dress form that’s near-ish your size… go for your smaller measurements, because you’re going to pad it out. Then, put an old bra on it, and stuff it with batting or scraps. For any tummy lumps you may have, lay fabric over that area to build it up, and then pin it in place. Cover the whole thing with an old tee shirt, and check your measurements. Adjust until it resembles you as much as possible.

If you’re desperate for some photo-guidance, you can go look at someone else’s underwear here or here! Sorry!

This was a surprisingly fun project. I still need to put the design lines on her but Jeannie is all done!

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