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Sencha: Finished!

I finished my silk top! What do you think?


I learned so much on this project! I’ve got lots of photos to share, but here are my big take aways from this project.

Sewing with silk is not hard.

My new sewing machine is awesome.

Organdy interfacing is pretty cool.

Blind hemming really requires the same color thread. I only have black and white silk thread, so I made do, but I might re-do it some day.

Fastenings are not always necessary.

I’m sure I’ll remember more when I go through the photos!

I’ll be wearing this to my friend’s puppet show tonight… It’s an adult show called Riddley Walker, put on by our awesome local puppet troupe, Trouble Puppet.

I’m definitely ready to get into trouble!



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You guys? Sewing with silk is actually coming pretty easily to me!


I don’t want to show pics yet, but I’m almost done with my Sencha blouse…

Promise I’ll update tomorrow!

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OMG I have just cut into the silk!

So far, I’ve only put in tailors tacks and cut it out with my rotary cutter…

What I’m really scared of is putting the bits together… Will they play well with feed dogs??

More coming soon!


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