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Girls, this is what I’m talking about!

Did you see this delicious creation over on Carolyn’s blog?


click the pic for more photos. It’s her fabulous interpretation of vogue 8764… A pattern I was pretty meh on, until I saw Carolyn’s version.

This lady looks seriously fine! She’s employing the fabulous Rule of Thirds here… You thought that was a photography term? Well, maybe so, but it also applies to clothes. This was an awesome lesson from Sewing for Plus Sizes… Never wear things that cut you in half. Either raise or lower your waistline… Your choice!

So classic Chanel jacket? Out!

Long riding coat? Definitely in.

Low rise anything? Ten foot pole territory!

High waisted skirts? Oh, it’s on, baby.

Carolyn’s dress does a much more elegant job of illustrating this phenomenon than my pencil skirt of last night, though. No fidgeting or adjusting to maintain your proportions throughout the day!

Keep rockin’ what your mama gave you, Miss C! You are an inspiration to us all!

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Oona-balloona inspired dress

I love Ms. Oona-Balloona. She is rockin’ cool. I wish I could be as cool as her.

I’m just a humble librarian though…

But with this dress…


I think I can channel a little Ms. Oona of my own.

WOW this is a loud fabric. For someone who is pattern averse, getting this freebie in the mail made my head spin. What the heck was I going to do with ZIGZAGS… holy moly!

I decided to do a dry run of the halter neck shirt pattern I found in Burda that I was going to make with my cherry red silk jersey.

I’m SO glad I did! I forgot that halters require special hardware for busty gals…see?


I don’t have any special hardware…. but that’s okay though because I LOVE me a bateau neckline, which is how I wound up modifying the dress after looking at it as a halter and hating it!

You know what?

I actually kind of like it.



Maybe with a black cardigan to tone it down a little?

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Planning a Wardrobe

After seeing a post at the Coletterie about Sarai’s wardrobe, I was inspired to get organized with my own sewing projects.

So what do I actually *need* to be happy? Well, I feel like I’m not too far off right now. I’m a simple girl, and I like to have a trim wardrobe where everything plays nice with everything else.

Rather than try and photograph my dark closet, I prefer to sketch out what I’ve got… since I don’t own much, it’s pretty fast 🙂

Here are my current tops (colors approximate and limited by my colored pencil selections)


And my current bottoms….


For someone who really, really likes green and purple, I’ve currently got neither of either! That makes me very sad. But that’s great! Because it means that I know where to focus the efforts of my next projects.

I’ve got the supplies on the way for a Colette Sencha Keyhole blouse (purple silk charmeuse) and that Tracy Reese knit dress from Vogue (in a crazy black and white animal print with jade green outlines). I still want more green in there, but didn’t like ANY of the green fabric I found so that will just have to wait for now.

Here’s my planning sketches:


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40s movies

I adore old movies… pretty much any excuse to watch an old film is a good one. One of my favorite reasons to watch is to see all the beautiful clothes they wear. The movie can be awful — dreadful! — but if they’ve got good clothes, then it’s worthwhile.

Take these screen caps from an old Esther Williams film… I don’t think she swam at all in this movie, so it was probably a flop 😉 — I certainly don’t remember much about it, but I do remember loving every single damn outfit in the entire film. Here are a few of my favorites:









See what I mean?

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