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In anticipation of sewing my Sencha blouse (another Colette!) I steeled my nerves and bought some silk charmeuse.

Sarai at Colette has spoken so eloquently about working with silk, that she makes the prewash sound almost easy!

So I decided it was time to try something challenging…


This came in the mail a few weeks ago, and after washing two swatches, I convinced myself that I would not, indeed, burst into flames for washing silk in my washing machine*.

So I did.

And I line dried it. Outside. Next to a splintery wooden fence.

Ha Universe! Take that!

It worked so well, that I ordered two more colors… This time from ThunderLily because their colors were so gorgeous… these are designer remnants, I believe.

Be still my heart!



*I have a front loader, which I set on the silk/wool setting, added a small amount of wool/silk safe soap (I hear baby shampoo works, too) and let ‘er rip. Then I took the silk outside on a cloudy day and hung it from the line folded over.

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Laundering Linens 2

Wow, I got my answer pretty quickly! Check out these edges…


Good thing I took SR’s advice, huh?

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Laundering Linens


I’ve got to work this Saturday so I’ve got Friday off, and there’s nothing like an empty house to make this girl feel domestic!

I’ve got my burgundy linen in the wash right this second. As the lovely proprietrix of Silk Road recommended, I staystitched the edges before washing.

This got me thinking… Since I’m in a very hot and dry part of the country, we don’t use a drier but instead hang our laundry outside to dry. I always wondered if fraying would be as much of a problem since we don’t use a mechanical dryer? I also started wondering how line drying would affect a fabric… In particular, how worried should I be about distortion and what should I do about it? Should I clip it from the selvedge to minimize it? I’ve no idea?

This deserves further research…

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